Congratulations, this is a big time for you as you are harboring one little innocent life inside you. Being pregnant is something truly magical and rewarding, but naturally comes with its own set of risks. This is not just a wonderful moment in your life but also a period of change, mood swings, and different cravings.

You want to play it safe. All your activities are now in a new tone of being cautious, and that especially applies to what you eat. As you´re sustaining two lives you certainly need more energy, more food, and more nutrients. That food in turn has to be safe, or at least as safe as possible. You have sustain two lives, but you have only one immune system.

Let’s see what caviar can do for you. First we are speaking of highly dense food in the sense of what it brings to the table. The main benefit of a single spoon of caviar is the omega-3 fatty acids concentration. Caviar is packed with it. A single one-ounce serving can contain up to 1000mg of this precious substance.
This compound is essential for your baby's growth and nervous system development. In a recent study of children aged 6 months to 8 years, researchers in Great Britain found that pregnant women who ate at least two servings (12 ounces) of fish per week were 52 percent less likely to have a child with low verbal IQ scores. This might be connected with folic acid that is found in high quantities.
Caviar is, as I said, a very nutritionally dense food, healthy fats and proteins are tightly packed to provide an optimal formula for the young ones´ development. In addition, caviar is known to help in the creation of red blood cells. This is mostly because of vitamin B12 which is very rare, but luckily caviar has a lot of it.
Other common vitamins found in caviar are A, B, D, E.

It is important to note that this goes for “true” sturgeon caviar, as well as for other roe, such as the red salmon caviar and others. Caviar can be highly beneficial. Never doubt how worthy it can be to help you and your unborn baby.

Having said all of that you need to take certain precautions. You must have heard of at least 2 things going all around the internet when it comes to caviar and pregnancy.  First is that caviar may contain Listeria. This is a bacteria sometimes found in raw fish and seafood. That’s the reason why they don’t recommend going to your favorite sushi restaurant when pregnant. Listeria, if found in caviar is usually there in very small amounts. Things to take into consideration when buying caviar are all the natural things that you would usually do. Buy quality stuff that was stored properly, and when you do, store it properly as well, always in the coldest part of the fridge.

As pregnancy is a delicate period you just may want to take 0% risk. In that case buy pasteurized caviar. The heat treatment is going to clean the caviar of all microbes. The second thing is mercury. Mercury can be found in seafood and it’s of course not safe for consumption. That being said, did you know that caviar has the lowest amounts of mercury of all seafood? Mercury is only a problem if you start eating pounds of caviar each day, and that will most likely never happen. This element is more often found in large predatory fish like in sharks but you won’t have that problem while consuming caviar.

In the end, if you are not sure about something, ask your doctor as he knows the specifics of your condition and may have some additional advice.
All in all, be moderate, but as you have read, caviar can be safe and extremely beneficial during any pregnancy period.

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