Caviar is a friend of everybody who enjoys sporting activities. 

No doubt that some pictures flash across your eyes when you think of caviar.

On the plate of a tsar, in a Russian village near the Volga river, during a cocktail session somewhere in New York, or maybe in a sushi bar in the form of salmon roe.

Can you imagine taking a spoon of Russian Osetra right after a heavy swimming routine? How about some salmon roe during breakfast, 2 hours before you hit the gym? Maybe the morning after a long night run?

I suppose eating Beluga caviar every day might come somewhat pricey, but you also have cheaper options. Try for example Salmon Roe obtained by Bond Caviar. For just a $17 for 4oz you can get plenty of beneficial and tasty red caviar. 

The question is why?

There are namely three important reasons.

Caviar is a super-food. The health and nutritional benefits are amazing. Just one table spoon contains 70% of your daily omega-3-fatty acids requirements.

Reason number 1 is that caviar is rich in iron. Iron is very important, especially if you are involved with intense sports, such can be swimming, running and rowing. People who practice these sports can have a wear in iron volume.

This, when combined with caviar’s hemoglobin regeneration capabilities, can do wonders if you are doing tough, aerobic activities.

Reason number 2 is that caviar is in fact a muscle developer.

About 100 grams of sturgeon caviar contains 24 grams of protein. Amino-acids such as lysine, arginine, isoleucine, methionine and histidine are all nicely packed in sturgeon fish roe.

Last, but not the least, caviar is also rich in calcium, so it helps strengthen the bones.

With all of these potential benefits it easy to see the magic that caviar produces.

Nobody is saying that you should eat caviar after every workout, but it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to indulge in its fine taste from time to time.

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