Goldfinger Caviar Gift Set

Are you a tycoon stockpiling the most desired products of this world? Our Goldfinger Caviar Gift Set doesn't need armed forces to protect but will not last long on a table. Be a secret agent in your family and bring the ultimate gift.

Discover a delicious Goldfinger Caviar Gift Set that contains two of our most exclusive caviars - Beluga Hybrid Caviar and Osetra Caviar in a gorgeous gift set with the mother of pearl caviar spoon! This luxury gift won't get unnoticed by any Bond fan.

Bond’s Beluga Hybrid Caviar: premium Beluga Hybrid Caviar is sustainably farmed in Italy and freshly salt-cured, aiming for perfection. Complex and sophisticated, the medium-large, pearlescent roe is rich and smooth, with a slick subtleness that translates into a luxurious mouthfeel.

Bond’s Osetra Caviar: high-end Osetra Caviar is one of the most intensely flavorful types of caviar on the market. Bond’s exclusive roe is of the finest quality and sustainably farmed with the highest standards to reproduce the unique personality of cold-water freshly caught Osetra.

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