Bond Royal Kaluga Black Caviar River Beluga
Bond Royal Kaluga Black Caviar River Beluga
Bond Royal Kaluga Black Caviar River Beluga


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Royal Kaluga caviar is the best alternative to the Wild Caspian Beluga (Huso Huso). Our sustainable hybrid Kaluga is also known as the river Beluga. With large, firm and buttery pearls, this is a lovely caviar for any occasion. 

Bond Kaluga is the finest quality caviar available. Our industry-leading quality standards for Aquaculture means all of our caviar is sustainably farm-raised in conditions identical to the ones found in the wild, where they are imported from.

Flavor: Creamy, buttery, nutty

Size: Large size beads

Color: Light gray to black

Origin: Japan

Preparation: Fresh, cured with salt

Storage Type: Refrigerator 38F or below

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Customer reviews


I ordered some black caviar to take with me to dinner the first time I met my boyfriend’s mom. She had never tried caviar, but she was absolutely amazed at how delicious it was. It’s been our little tradition ever since! Bond never disappoints!

Amber Portwine Verified Buyer

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