Ah, caviar, the ancient delight, renowned for its magical taste and its capability to seduce anybody who tries it.

Black pearls from the cold rivers that run into vast seas and oceans, caviar is not just tasty but also prestigious and often considered as a luxurious meal.

Caviar is all of that, but when you scratch beyond the surface you can find out that it has even bigger secrets and potentials.

There are stories of people of very prolonged life, living in regions where caviar was used on everyday basis.

Wealthy Greeks, Persian nobles, Russian tsars, Mongol khans and later on European aristocracy. They all seemed to struggle in obtaining good quantities of caviar for their use. There are a few reasons for this behavior.

You must overrule that fact that it was considered prestigious because in medieval Russia peasants used to eat sturgeon roe – caviar, almost all the time. In 19thcentury US caviar was given for free in bars and salons.

There is a certain power that caviar holds in itself.

Believe it or not, caviar is one the most powerful food aphrodisiacs. Shoulder to shoulder with pure chocolate and oysters but even stronger and highly potent, caviar holds a high place as a food aphrodisiac.

Let’s do some basic biochemistry here.

First, as you know, caviar is packed with nutrients. It’s considered a lean protein, full of vitamins, minerals and more importantly omega-3-fatty acids. The first thing to understand about all of this is that the body needs strength and caviar can selectively strengthen the body function.

Second thing, iron can raise hemoglobin levels and stimulate the secretion of sex hormones. Not just iron, caviar also has a lot of zinc, phosphorus and lecithin.

The effects of these compounds are that they can raise serotonin levels, relieve fatigue, relax the body and stimulate sexual fantasies, eventually.

High levels of serotonin and endorphin can lead to greater release of testosterone.

Caviar contains L–Arginine, an amino acid that dilates blood vessels and helps blood reach every corner of the body.

In addition to all of this caviar contains a good balance of B5 and B6 vitamins which help balance hormone levels.

The seductive taste of caviar will take control of your cerebral cortex and create goose bumps while you swallow the seed of desire. Simply put, caviar will relax you but also fire up the passion.

Stories tell about great historic lovers eating caviar right before their love adventures. The combination of all these nutrients will leave a big impact on your sex life. It will propel men to lengths they didn’t know they were capable of and it will make women desire more than they dreamed they could.

You could set up a romantic night and serve caviar on blinis with some champagne. Don’t think that caviar is out of your reach, just check this finest collection at Bond Caviar.

Don’t wait for too long, set your night flying it the right direction. You will understand why everybody in history got hooked up on the delightful black pearls known as caviar.

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