About Us

Let us tell you a story about a good caviar.

Its taste propels into a world of pleasure and the health benefits are abundant.

It all begins with a simple fisherman and our endeavor to bring the result of his proud seamanship to your plate. For the last 25 years we have been discovering and learning how to source the finest selection among the most known varieties of caviar. Although obtaining it from domestic farms is easier, this would simply not do. How would you, for example, experience the saltiness of the Russian Osetra if it’s not really from the Caspian Sea?

We are based in New York, but have traveled the entire world. With our delivery system we ensure that this fragile product is delivered at your doorstep almost as if you were living on the coast of a vast ocean itself. 

Why did we go all this way? It’s not just the caviar we want to share, but also the knowledge we gained. There are many benefits of caviar, and we want to be there with you, in your moments of joy. Let’s share some good caviar recipes!